Science love: Robots and rovers

Yesterday’s first “official” homeschooling day focused on robots and space rovers.

We learned how Hexbugs work, including the differences in sensors between their various animals; we have the “ant” with a touch sensor.

lego-dice-gameWe also built a lot of Lego robots; these were non-“functional,” but we gave them all pretend sensors and talked about where each one could be used. We got pretty creative – all three of us were building, and we got some fun creations!

A trip to the library included several books on robots, including some about the Mars and lunar rovers, as well as robots in medicine. And our bedtime story was a short story called “True Love” from Isaac Asimov’s anthology Robot Dreams.

We also bought a pretty cool kit at Radio Shack about energy; Sarah wanted to build a robot that moves, but in our price range, we settled for “learn about robots, then build a battery-powered car and talk about why that’s different.”

Hey, whatever works!

Other fun things yesterday included some Wii Sports together, talking about the sizes of gas tanks in different vehicles, and some microwave cooking lessons.

Today, we’ve experimented with how long it takes an ice cube to melt outside. (Answer? Less time than you’d think, considering it’s winter; it was less than half an hour.) More Lego robot fun, and Sarah made her own game out of dominoes, Legos and dice that I’m going to go play now, and which you can see with today’s post.

Tonight at 4-H, we’re going to make soap; we picked out our molds, as well as some apricot seeds as an additive. I’ll share more about this project tomorrow!

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