Communion on the moon and our study of astronomy

Today was, randomly, “astronomy day” at our house.

We’d watched a video in church Sunday, and Sarah asked to see it again today.

It actually brought tears to my eyes to see; little had I known, Buzz Aldrin took communion on the moon! (Chris apparently was aware of this already, but it was news to me and to Sarah in church on Sunday.)

Well, from there, Sarah ended up finding on Discovery News’ Twitter feed that Pluto now is known to have five moons, and she read the whole article about it aloud to me.

We’re also using the astronomy Calendar Connections set from 1+1+1=1 this month, where we read a fact a day about the topic, and we caught up on those after dinner.

These are the days that really make me think, “OK, we’re doing it right.” I didn’t assign the topic – I just helped Sarah explore it, and she is now more of an expert than I am!

As an update: Later, we went on to study outer space, and especially our solar system and even more especially the moon landings, in such detail that I created a whole guide of our favorite space resources. Who knew one film clip could make such a difference!

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