Thoughts on our week: The scrapbooking and Minecraft edition

As I said when I reviewed my 2012 year in blogging, I’d love to build the habit this year of posting most days about some of the things we’re doing.

Not every day is interesting, but I like the idea of writing even more than I already do for my jobs, and it forces me to be conscious of what we ARE doing, you know?

One thing I’d like to do is participate in the Homeschool Mothers’ Journal with more consistency.

In my life this week…

I spent the past two days scrapbooking with my best friend – and will be spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend at a retreat doing the same thing! That’s my favorite hobby (besides tae kwon do) and I don’t get to spend nearly as much time as I’d like on it.

I caught my tae kwon do album up to present, which was a goal since my black-belt test is only a few months away. I worked a bit more on our 2011 family album, which is about 2/3 done at this point, and started our 2012 album. My goal by the end of our marathon weekend coming up is to have 2011 DONE and 2012 at least mostly done.

In worse news, our car has been acting up. We picked it up on Wednesday, and goes back into the shop again on Monday. It got even worse over the weekend with a new problem, but my best friend’s husband fixed that one for us at least!

In our homeschool this week…

We’ve been talking a lot about slavery. Sarah got Addy, the American Girl doll who escaped slavery during the Civil War, for Christmas from my mom, and we’ve read Meet Addy all week.

Sarah also downloaded the pocket edition of Minecraft for her phone and has been building like crazy! She’s figured out how to create all sorts of things. We’re hoping to get the computer edition (which will allow her to play with some new friends she’s made elsewhere in the country) sometime this week, but until then, she’s been almost nonstop creating things on the phone one.

In about two weeks, I’m going to have a post series on learning via video games. Minecraft is a great example of something that someย people consider a waste of time, but that we see a huge value in, and I’ll be talking more about why!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

Thankfully, very few! Except, of course, my scrapbooking!

My favorite thing this week was…

Scrapbooking? ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, it was probably just getting back into some semblance of a normal home life following the holidays. We haven’t taken our Christmas decorations down yet, or gotten everything 100% back to normal, but we’re closer.

Sarah’s favorite thing this week was…

Minecraft! Besides her general like of the game, this was the first paid app she’s gotten on her phone, and she really appreciated that I said yes to getting it!

Things I’m working on…

Can you say scrapbooking?

I’m also working on some major behind-the-scenes projects for the personal-finance site I manage, Man Vs. Debt. On the side, I’ve been working for a couple months now on a site for a local nonprofit, and I just accepted two more site-design and updating projects that I’ll be finalizing in meetings this week.

I hit inbox zero today in all my email accounts (yeah)!

And, I’ve been working hard to cut way back on my Diet Pepsi intake and also highly limit my gluten intake, to hopefully help out with some health struggles I’ve been having. It wasn’t a New Year’s resolution, but it’s gone great since I started early this week, so I guess it turned into one?

I’m grateful for…

So many things, but top of mind right now is how our friend Dustin came over and put six new spark plugs in the car, didn’t want money for the cost of them, and got it running much better than it has in a long time! It’s still got some work to be done on it, but that repair made the car drivable again when it basically wasn’t!

I’m praying for…

Right now, I’m praying for eyes to be opened for someone I love dearly who doesn’t believe in God. This person is an amazing individual who just has never felt strongly that there is – or isn’t – a Creator. It breaks my heart and I just am trusting God to bring peace and change the heart (and to help me know what to say and not to say!)

Something I am ogling or have my eye on…

I desperately want the Alphalicious font cartridge for my Cricut die-cutting machine. Hello first Amazon wishlist addition of 2013!

A link to share…

We are HUGE, huge Monty Python fans. The humor isn’t for everyone, but we love it – and it’s cool when you realize that it makes some really great statements about culture. This article in The Atlantic is a great read, whether you like or hate the Python team.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts on our week: The scrapbooking and Minecraft edition

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming test! What an amazing achievement! I made it to green belt in kenpo karate but after Lilah was born it was too hard finding time and I let it go……Keep up updated when you test!

    I think it is so important to have something for us, especially when we are homeschooling and do not have that time during the day that we used to either for work or household chores. Scrapbooking must have felt great.

    Thanks for sharing. I will be linking up with the next journal link!

    • I will DEFINITELY be keeping everyone posted as we get closer and closer to this test. Honestly, it didn’t seem real until November, when I tested for my probationary black belt – until then, I was in kind of “I’ve got this!” mode, and now I’m in kind of “AhhH!” mode.

      You’re so right – something for US is huge!! Scrapbooking was awesome, as always, and I can’t wait for the big weekend of it to come!

  2. I think it is wonderful that you know Karate so well. My kids have been wanting to experience it a bit, but we have been busy of late…perhaps in 2013. I love to see all the wonderful results of scrapbooking but I don’t have the patience to actually sit down and do it. I think it is great that you are recording all the fun stuff you guys do.

    • Thanks, Phyllis! I love tae kwon do, but I think it fits my personality – the same as scrapbooking does, actually. I am someone who needs very concrete chunks of “this is what I have to accomplish next,” and they both lend themselves to that. My daughter tried tae kwon do too, but it really wasn’t for her; that’s OK, at least she tried, and she has things she likes to do that I’m not good at! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I too love scrapbooking, but I have almost no time for it right now. Maybe again in a year or so. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I have a Cricut, too–one of the best investments a scrapbooker can make, I think! Sadly, I haven’t used it since Kendra was born almost two years ago.
    As a family that strictly limits screen time, I’m looking forward to your upcoming series on video games. I know it will be interesting!

    • I hope you’ll find it very interesting! As I do with a lot of my projects, the big preface is that it’s what works for US – not what would work for everyone! I’m not sure what our philosophy would be like if we adults weren’t so tied to technology (somewhat for work, but not just that) and if we had a larger family, or a younger child!!

      I am definitely not nearly as current on my scrapbooks or able to devote as much time to it as I used to, but I’m trying to make it a priority!

  4. Sounds like a great week. I used to scrapbook and in recent years started making photo books–mostly because my back ached after sitting over the table scrapping (plus I hated all the scraps of paper and bits of things that would be all over when I was a done–I am a messy scrapbooker!).

    My girls LOVE Minecraft, too! I have one sitting next to me playing right now!

    • Oh, neat, Theresa! I didn’t know you guys were “Minecrafters!” It’s an incredibly creative game – it’s amazing to see some of the things people build, or should I say craft?!

      We do photobooks as well for some things. I’m an odd breed – the minimalist scrapper. Next weekend I’ll have to post photos of my full setup!

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