Where does unschooling happen? A look at our learning spaces

I recently shared our “un-curriculum” for the 2013-14 year as part of the iHomeschool Network’s 2013 Not Back to School Blog Hop. This post is part of the 2013 “School Room Week,” which means we’re supposed to show off where we learn!

Unschooling learning spaces

I admit, I’m that person who goes to real estate open houses for fun – and, yeah, a healthy helping of neighborhood voyeurism. I love seeing everyone’s neatly arranged schoolrooms full of posters and workboxes and shelves.

But our house? Yeah, it’s not like that. In 2012 for this blog hop, I shared a tour of our bookshelves – spread around the house and home to a ton of fun resources.

This year, I figured I’d show some more of our house itself – and, specifically, the places in it (and out of it) where we spend our time together. Make sure you click on the photos to check out posts about the types of learning we do in each space!

Learning “hot spots” in our house

We don’t have a very traditional “school” setup. Lots of books, lots of craft supplies, but nothing set apart as the “school stuff.” We’re just as likely to sit on our master bed to learn as we are at the dining-room table! Here are a few of our top places for fun and learning…

In the living room… (home of movies, TV and video games)…

5 Days of Video-Game Learning series on Unschool RULES

In Sarah’s room… (home of the gigantic map and lots of books and Legos)…

Gigantic map of the world mounted on foamboard

Sorting LEGO bricks

Reading the 2013 Guinness Book of World Records

At our computer desk…

Teenage daughter playing Minecraft

And in the garden…

American Goldfinch in Pennsylvania yard

No schoolroom… but a ton of living and learning together!

Where else we spend time learning

We love our house – and we like spending time there. But we also like visiting a TON of cool places around town and beyond. We love to learn…

At the alpaca farm…

Sarah and Gia at 4-H alpaca show

At the library…

Sarah reading books at the library

At the (former) golf course…

Exercising with the dog

And on family field trips…

Independence Hall in Philadelphia

12-year-old Sarah at the Jim Thorpe memorial

Petting a horseshoe crab at Assateague Island

Basically, we like to learn EVERYWHERE!

Read more about our unschooling approach

If you’re newer to Unschool RULES, maybe you’re wondering about this radical unschooling thing we do.

Here are a few posts that tell more about our lives!

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  1. I get schoolroom envy myself when I see all that stuff and we don’t even really “do school” either! LOL…I also followed the link to your 5 things that you learned in the first month of homeschooling and loved that article too. Why does it take me so much longer to learn these things? 🙂

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