Need Homeschooling or Unschooling Help?

When we decided, mid-school-year, to pull our daughter Sarah out of the local public middle school and begin homeschooling, I was frantic.

I had no idea where to start. What were the laws? What “should” we be doing? What shouldn’t we do? What support services were we entitled to?

I am deeply indepted to a bunch of people who pitched in and helped me out when I needed it most, and I’ve been trying to pass on the favor as much as possible.

Homeschooling and unschooling help

Call it consulting. Call it virtual therapy. Call it a friendly ear to bounce ideas around with. Hey, call it “I don’t know the last time I thought about math and dinner is burning and I think the kids just stole the minivan and can you help?!”

No matter what the case, it’s great to have someone who can be there for you.

While I don’t have any availability for consulting at present, I am extremely proud to recommend my friend (and fellow Pennsylvanian) Karema Greene of The Love of Learning Company to anyone who might have been interested in consulting with me.

Karema also comes from an unschooling/delight-driven background, and her help has been invaluable to so many people that I am thrilled to recommend her.

You can contact her at, and check out The LoL Company website for details on her learning community program as well as consulting!