The Ultimate Guide to Real World Math


I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in advanced math, and a teenager who will tell you he hates anything to do with the subject.

I’m an unschooling parent who loves to do math puzzles and logic problems for fun.

I’m not sure if that combination makes me an expert or just crazy, but because of it, I agreed to take part in the iHomeschool Network’s “5 days of…” series in July 2012 with a look at 5 days of real world math.

These have since become some of the most popular posts on Unschool RULES, and I continue to add more to this topic as we pursue high school using only this approach. So if you’re interested in real world math, read on!

October 2014: The great math curriculum hoax

October 2014: Top 5 real world math skills to know before graduation

October 2014: Real world high school math: Learning algebra and geometry from life

January 2014: It’s not all about numbers: Unschooling math 

January 2013: Digital currency: Video games for math

July 2012: When numbers really matter: A look at math in the real world

July 2012: The math you need at the grocery store

July 2012: The math you need in your kitchen

July 2012: The math you need to manage your money

July 2012: The math you need to play sports and do other fun stuff (yes, really!)

July 2012: Real-world math resources you’ll love

I’d love to hear your comments on all of the posts above. I’m especially interested in keeping the real-world math resource list growing, so as you find things that apply, please comment there and let me know!

Happy mathing!

Many thanks to Flickr user Jenn Durfey for the original calculator image used in the graphic for this series!

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