Unschooling: How I Teach… Or, Really, How We Learn, Subject By Subject

Unschooling: How we learn, subject by subject

In our family, we don’t “do” subject areas. We don’t really do tests, quizzes, essays or worksheets.

We’re radical unschoolers, and we believe that learning happens all the time, and for us, it rarely happens in tightly defined areas like “social studies” and “grammar.”

That said, I get a lot of questions from people who are unfamiliar with unschooling and wonder, “But how do you teach math?”

That’s why I agreed to take part in the iHomeschool Network’s “5 days of…” series in January 2014, in which I’m joining a bunch of my fellow bloggers to share how we “teach” language arts, math, science, history and fine arts.

It’s a little bit of a trick… because I’m not going to talk about teaching at all.

Instead, I’m glad to share how we learn, radical unschooler style!

If you wonder how our learning happens “beyond the curriculum,” read on! Here, broken down in “subjects” that make sense for those of us with public-school experience, is how our family learns about the topics that interest Ashar most.

The power of words: Unschooling and “language arts”

It’s not all about numbers: Unschooling and “math”

Exploring the world and how it works: Unschooling and “science”

You can’t escape the past: Unschooling and “history”

There’s beauty in everything: Unschooling and “fine arts”

I’d love to hear your comments on all of the posts above. I’m especially interested in hearing your success stories about natural learning!

Learning is everywhere!

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