Our scrapbook: Cookie-making with Dad

Since there are so many friends and family members out of town who are now reading, I’d like to regularly show off some of our fun photos. Today’s are mostly from our cookie-making this morning, in which Chris and Sarah teamed up to get three kinds of tasty treats ready for donation to the 4-H auction fundraiser tonight. There might be some gratuitous cat photos, too.< Cookie volcano

Sarah wanted to make a “food volcano,” so she shaped the dough mix into one, complete with opening in the center.

Double chocolate cookie dough

The batter for our double-chocolate-mint cookies. I’m not a mint fan, but they smelled pretty good.

Wonderful cookie-bakers

I love these cookie-bakers THE MOST!

Sarah shapes her cookie dough

Here, Sarah expertly shapes the dough on the cookie sheet. She liked being careful to be EXACTLY the right size!

Finished cookies

Here you can see the finished products. Our three flavors were double-chocolate-mint, white-chocolate-cinnamon-chip-swirl and toffee-butterscotch. YUM!

Chris holding Salem

Gratuitous photo of Chris holding Salem…

Sarah holding Mitts

… and super-cute, gratuitous photo of Sarah holding Mitts! These are our biggest cats – Mitts is about 19 or 20 pounds (more than a third of Sarah’s weight!) and Salem is about 22 or 23 pounds. (Not more than a third of Chris’s weight… sorry, sweetie!) We love these big boys, but not as much as I love the nice people holding them.

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