Lego-sorting: Not a job for the faint-hearted

We had an incredibly busy weekend, including a long day Saturday spent on a family field trip to a nearby wolf sanctuary that I’ll be posting about later this week.

Add in some basic and much-needed housework like laundry, dishes and getting the approximately 80 pounds of pet hair off my floors… and I was BUSHED by Sunday night.

Ashar wanted to play Legos in her room, and I offered to go up and keep her company. In addition to her dozens and dozens of finished models, she has a huge plastic tote of “extra bricks” and I started sorting through it while sitting on her floor, looking for a particular piece.

I was just going to sit and relax… but somehow…

Sorting LEGO bricks

It turned into a total Lego-sorting free-for-all. The end result is going to be that we will no longer need the huge tote I’m dazedly leaning on in the photo above. Instead, we’re using two of the Lego brick-sorters you can see to the right of the picture (baseplate on top, three removable drawers below.)

We already have one, and as soon as we get a bit of extra money, we’ve got plans for the second! (I hear, by the way, that there are LEGO-sponsored bloggers. Hey, LEGO company, over here, pick us!)

Sorting LEGO bricks

Ashar decided to photobomb when Chris unexpectedly came up to take a picture of me in all my “this is a baseplate, this is a brick, this is a window, this is a castle wall, this is a minifigure piece” glory.

All of this, by the way, is in preparation for some work we hope to do in Ashar’s room shortly. Size-wise, it’s tiny – in fact, she’s basically on her bed, which is against the wall, and that is the sum total of space side to side.

She needs more storage, so we’re hoping to get built-in shelves put up on the walls on either side of me (around the closet door that’s behind me). Since her room is tucked into the eaves of the house, standard bookshelves don’t make the best use of the space, but built-ins would add a LOT of room!

I’ll keep you posted… I do love a good remodel! And if you have any Lego-sorting or displaying ideas, I’d love to see them!

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