Art is personal: Painting with drumsticks, and winning (or not winning) awards

Family at Yorkfest Fine Arts Festival in York, PA

Here’s Ashar’s summary of how we spent our day yesterday:

“My mom and dad and mommom and I went to Yorkfest to see my artwork that I have there on Saturday August 25th 2012. I got an honorable mention at Yorkfest.We saw this guy named Georgie Lehoop. Georgie Lehoop does drumstick art. To learn more about him visit: He does some awesome artwork and I have one of his works. Mine is called Rainbow Rhythm. We had a great time at Yorkfest!”

She is nothing if not concise! As it turns out, her mother is more verbose.

At Foundry Park in York, PA, which has recycled metal flower sculptures

(This is a city park and garden called Foundry Park. We love the metal flowers – and Ashar’s lanky build made her fit right in!)

Yorkfest is our local fine-art festival, held every summer downtown. I’ve attended once or twice, but never done much more than wander through a few booths. Yesterday, we went especially because Ashar had entered a short story of hers in the literary competition, as well as two pieces of art in the youth art juried awards.

Framed homeschool collage art

Here’s the thing. She won an honorable mention for the short story – which she only entered because some family friends encouraged her to – but nothing for her artwork, which she was INCREDIBLY proud of!

Teenager's sculpture from found materials entered in art show

Overall, I think Ashar took the not-quite-a-win pretty well. It helped that she was most excited about having her art on display in a real gallery – so even before the awards announcement, she was feeling pretty good about herself. She did start crying when she realized she didn’t win, though – and that was OK. The thing that was hard was that she lashed out at me, for “making” her enter, which I in no way did, but you know, I was the closest target, as Mom often is, right?

The good news is, the emotional storm blew over pretty quickly and we had a great rest of our day. In fact, it even led to an interesting discussion on how personal art is – and how “judging” it, especially across media, such as her 3-D mixed-media sculpture compared with a charcoal drawing – is very subjective.

Yorkfest 2012 story that won honorable mention

I wish I had unlimited funds – I would LOVE to decorate much of my home with the one-of-a-kind art I saw yesterday. The only thing we bought was the “Rainbow Rhythm” masterpiece we’re holding in the photo above, that Ashar mentioned, but I could have spent thousands!

(I really do encourage you to take Ashar’s advice and check out Georgie Lehoop’s website, though. The videos of him painting while drumming are awesome, and Ashar was inspired enough to want to make her own drum artwork, so we’re off to find some cheaper drumsticks later this week! The only ones I have are a REALLY NICE pair of Pro-Marks, and she’s not getting those!)

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10 thoughts on “Art is personal: Painting with drumsticks, and winning (or not winning) awards

  1. Tell Sarah that “as an artist” I ADORE her installation art (the sculpture which feels more like an installation style piece to me than straight sculpture.) I love the feel of it, and the colors, and would be very, very proud. And I have never, ever won any award for my art, yet have buyers all over the world. 🙂 ) So, don’t let it get to you or take it personally– art is subjective and what speaks to one person won’t to another.

    • Heather, I just told her – and she is THRILLED!!! She says, “A REAL ARTIST likes it??” She was beside herself.

      And I wholeheartedly agree. Sometimes I see something I think is beautiful and I want to shake everyone who doesn’t “get it,” and sometimes I go to the art museum and think, “They got paid to do THAT?” 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. You made Sarah’s day – and mine!

  2. I love art festivals like this! That treble clef painting makes me immediately think of an art journaling page. That may become an inspirational piece for me! I love it. My daughter Grace would love it too…..

    • Jessica, I was wondering if you’d see this post! I think you’d have so much loved the fest. My goal in a few years is to have enough of my collages and photo art done and matted to get a booth – but that’ll take a little while; man, framing and matting is PRICEY!

  3. Does Sarah get the drums to go with the drum sticks?
    Regarding your artwork, you could always sell it unmated and unframed. I’ve seen many artists frame a few pieces, but sell the others backed with a piece of mat board and covered in plastic for display. It is economical for the seller and allows the buyer to mat and frame to their personal taste.
    Have you ever gone to the galleries in Lancaster? Many are open on First Friday, but it can be pretty busy? Great galleries with great artwork.

    • She gets to drum ON the canvas – no crash cymbal (for now). She does mention drum lessons now and then, but she’s not got the interest in actually following through with them, you know?

      I was thinking about the unmatted/unframed approach too. I definitely have seen things that I would have purchased – but HATED how it was framed – so there’s a really good case to be made for that!

      I haven’t actually hit Lancaster’s yet, though a gentleman who reads my newspaper blog, Fred Rodger, who has art featured there from time to time, keeps inviting me! I’ll have to see when Sarah and I can go. First Fridays are probably out – but I’m sure we can go at a less hectic time!

  4. Keilee and I loved Sarah’s sculpture. Art IS very subjective. Always has been. I LOVE the metal flowers. We love Art Shows and there are 2 that we always attend coming up in September. I am sorry Sarah was upset. That is a hard thing to see our kids go through. Congrats on the short story award! Off to check out the drumstick art!

  5. A fall afteronon would be a nice time to walk around. The Fulton is a beautiful theater, Central Market is neat s well The Pressroom might be fun for lunch since you and Chris are both journalists. Quite few of the shoppes are on queen, speifically the 300 block. Rachel’s Creperie on Queen is fun lunch spot. Kid friendly places…North Museum of Natural History and Science (400 College Ave), The Beadworks(52 N Queen),The Pottery Works (16 W Orange). Lancaster publishes a quarterly advertisement magazine focusing on buinesses. My sister adveretises and has copies in her Pilates studio. I’ll try to remember to pick up a copy for you.

    • Wow, I’d really appreciate a copy! I make a lot of use of the guides like that for York County (the ones the visitors’ bureau puts out). We also want to hit the Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, so it might make a nice day out!

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