How my 12-year-old daughter encourages our whole family to be positive and grateful

Ashar has been on a big kick lately with saving images of positive quotes. I guess it’s the “Pinterest phenomenon” or something!

She uses them as phone wallpapers, texts them to friends, puts them on Instagram… you name it.

Well, this week, she said she wanted each of our family members to type out a list of what makes us happy and that we’re grateful for.

In turn, she took all four of our answers as well as one of her current favorite quotes and made a nicely-laid-out sign for our fridge! She said she’s going to update it every couple of weeks.

Gratitude sign for family fridge

It makes me smile every time I open the fridge. I couldn’t be prouder of my girl – and of my mom and husband, who jumped right in with what they were grateful for as well!

We’ve also had a resurgence in a before-bed routine we started last school year, when things weren’t going so hot in public school.

Ashar’s counselor (and some other friends) had been really encouraging her to think about some of the positives in her life. Sometimes, before bed, Ashar would ask me to help her make a list of good things so that she could remember them when she woke up the next morning.

Lightbulb… On the back of Ashar’s bedroom door, I put up a quickly hand-lettered sign in shades of Ashar’s favorite color, blue. We grabbed a pack of Post-Its and a pen, and started making a short list each night so that, before she left her room in the morning, she could see the reminder.

We don’t do it every night any more – but occasionally, Ashar will grab the Post-Its before bed and make a list!

Today Is a Good Day reminders for kids

I just love that the youngest member of our family is the one encouraging all of us to new heights of positivity and gratitude. I love you, Ashar, and I’m thankful for YOU!

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5 thoughts on “How my 12-year-old daughter encourages our whole family to be positive and grateful

  1. You may already have an inkling that gratitude is pretty important to me 😉 I love that Sarah is keeping you all focused on it! I especially like that poster with the post-it notes…I might just have to borrow that for our house!!

  2. Oh Joan, this is just beautiful. I SO understand how this makes you feel. Keilee is my inspiration so often. Sarah has such a lovely heart. I love the fridge idea and the “Because” poster. Great job Sarah!!!

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