Our Christmas gingerbread village

While we were out Black Friday shopping, Ashar spotted this gingerbread village kit at Joann Fabrics. $9.99 on sale, and you could make four mini gingerbread houses instead of one big one! Of course we bought it!

(Don’t judge. I like natural foods and do-it-yourself projects as much as the next person, but I’m not baking house-shaped gingerbread. That’s my Christmas gift to me!)

Making gingerbread houses from a kit

Anyway, over the past couple of days, my mom and Ashar have been working on this as their holiday project. And they’re adorable!

There’s the Scalloped Cottage…

Scalloped cottage gingerbread house from a kit

The Awesome A-Frame…

A-frame gingerbread house from a kit

The Yellow Awning Cottage…

Yellow awning cottage gingerbread house from a kit

And the Pastel Perfect Suite! (My mother claims this bears some resemblance to an outhouse, but the poor thing is cute.)

Pastel perfect suite gingerbread house from a kit

And, since we have a sugar-loving large dog, these can’t sit out just anywhere. They’ve gone behind the glass doors of our entertainment center, which is a little unusual but certainly a good way to jazz up a DVD collection?!

Four gingerbread houses from a kit

We haven’t had time to pull off something cool like a fun Christmas activity EVERY day this Advent, but we’re doing what we can, and having a great time!

I’m linking up today to the All Year Round Blog Carnival: Winter Edition.

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7 thoughts on “Our Christmas gingerbread village

    • For us, it was HUGE – we wouldn’t have built them otherwise! And since we generally don’t eat them anyway, the fact that the included gumdrops could easily be used as paperweights didn’t deter us! 😉

  1. Nicely done! We tried a gingerbread house kit once…it was so darned frustrating that I was about in tears. That was many years ago, but I haven’t been brave enough to repeat the experience 😉

    • The ones we did when I was in high school were AWFUL… they’re getting better. These are made by Wilton and I think the key there is the icing is a slightly higher quality – it actually holds the stuff on!

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