Around and around we go…

Today’s post is just for fun.

We’ve had an exhausting few weeks in our family – traveling, illnesses, the death of a friend, lots of work projects, company coming – some good things and some bad, but by the end of the night, I’m usually in NO place to sit down and talk about what we have or haven’t learned.

I have some great ideas for posts, a bunch of photos to show off of our recent travels, some linkups I’d like to take part in and more.

But for tonight, you get this cute video of Ashar, who is a hula hooping wizard. (I can’t hoop. At all. It’s pitiful.)

As a fun aside, the hoop she’s using is made from recycled irrigation tubing and covered in fabric scraps in blue and green by my amazing friend Tiffy of Love, Peace and DYE. Tiffy is a local crafty lady who can make something cool out of anything. We ran into her at a recent craft fair and of all the awesome stuff she had for sale, it was the hoop that Ashar went for.

(I, meanwhile, got some adorable earrings made from buttons, and Tiffy worked up some adorable ferns for me out of recycled bicycle inner tubes!!)

Keep spinning, everyone. Things will slow down… eventually… but in the meantime, enjoy the hoop!

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