Ashar’s custom version of "The 12 Days of Christmas"

We recently spent a few great family days trimming our home for the holidays. This is a HUGE undertaking for us (just ask my poor husband!) and I’ll share more photos soon of how it’s gone.

But just as we finished trimming the tree, Ashar dug into our Christmas book tray and pulled out “The 12 Dogs of Christmas,” one of our old favorites. (I mean, like, as old as Sarah!)

She read it aloud to us, then we played the CD with its, uh, interesting rendition of the song, and then Ashar sat down with the book and a notebook and pencil.

I was still decorating, so I admit, I didn’t pay too much attention, even when she said, “I’m going to write my own ’12 Days of Christmas.'”

It was easily an hour or so later that she said, “Wow, Day 11, almost done!” And I thought… wait, what is she doing?

Well, this was it (click the image to see a bigger version!)

Custom version of The 12 Days of Christmas

She wrote out each of the previous gifts with each day, and customized them to be things she likes, given by people we know.

The final tally?

  • 12 castles
  • 11 Xbox 360s
  • 10 CDs
  • 9 candy bars
  • 8 chocolate bars
  • 7 DS games
  • 6 hundred dollars
  • 5 golden cars
  • 4 million dollars
  • 3 lottery tickets
  • 2 elves
  • 1 hermit crab
  • … and a partridge in a pear tree!

(If you’re not from Pennsylvania, you might not understand why #3 would come to mind for a 12-year-old. Rest assured, no future gambling addicts here! We have a reallllllly long-running commercial to the tune of this song for the Pennsylvania Lottery, and I admit we were singing it right before she started writing this!)

She proudly handed over the finished product to my husband, who did a wonderful dramatic reading/singing presentation of it. Then, she handed it to me and said, “You can blog this!”


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