Sharing our similes

Similes practice from Life of Fred math book

As we were reading Life of Fred: Goldfish last night, one of questions at the end of our chapter had to do with similes.

Similes, in case you didn’t know, aren’t math. (But so much of Fred goes beyond math – which is part of what we love.) They’re literary constructions that compare two things using “like” or “as” terminology.

The question asked us to fill in some possible similes. You know…

His eyes were red like ____________________.

Her smile was as bright as ______________________.

Reading is as enjoyable as ______________________.

We had a ton of fun doing those – and Ashar created her own page of similes in her bedside notebook!

“Similes are just so cool, because you can keep going and going with them. It’s kind of like infinity. Or pi,” Ashar said as we sat down to work on this blog post together. (This is her idea, by the way; I’m just typing!)

Our challenge to you

As we were brainstorming our similes last night, Ashar said, “We should put this on the homeschool blog! And then we should ask people to write their similes in the comments. And if they have a family, they can all do that, and the mom can comment and say, ‘Here’s what I came up with, here’s what my daughter says, here’s what my husband says,’ like that. And then we can do another post and we can include people’s comments.”

(Can you tell she’s being raised by blogger parents??)

So that’s what we’d like you to do today: Come up with a great simile and comment here with it!

We can’t wait to read what you come up with! I know I have some very creative blog-readers 🙂

Side note: While Life of Fred is described as a Christian series, we are a secular homeschooling family and haven’t had any problems using the fairly few spiritual references we’ve found as talking points about what different people believe, which we like to do anyway. I like to mention this any time I talk about it, just to be clear!

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5 thoughts on “Sharing our similes

  1. So, to be clear, you’ve taught our daughter that Pi never ends? (Shakes head.) … Meanwhile, I always had trouble with similes vs. metaphors, but it sounds like Sarah has it down pat. Awesome work!

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