Are these the droids you’re looking for? Ashar’s Androidify creations

Lest you think from our recent in-depth posts on things like The Phantom of the Opera and major nature-study trips that we’re TOO productive here at the Otto house, I bring you something fun today, courtesy of Ashar’s creative brain.

Thanks to her friend Nathan, Ashar discovered the Androidify app.

This is exactly as it sounds. You can create little customized versions of the (normally) green Android device mascot.

Ashar could do this. For. Hours. In fact, she has. She creates them, and then she tells me all about their back story and why they’re dressed the way they are. I can’t keep some of them straight, but she does!

Here are a few of her favorites.

The “Ready for Duty” collection

(I’m not clear on the use case for Bluetooth during martial-arts practice, but otherwise, we’re all geared up and ready to go, including missiles!)

Androidify creations in costumes

The “Urban Style” collection

(Ashar loves the parrot. And the tattoos. And, she says of the one on the bottom right, “Mom, his shirt is, like, a pun! Do you get it??” Sigh.)

Androidify creations in urban styles

The “Family” collection

(Yes, this is me, and Chris, in Android style.)

Androidify creations of family members

This concludes today’s free advertisement for the Android platform. (But we do think it’s pretty cool!)

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2 thoughts on “Are these the droids you’re looking for? Ashar’s Androidify creations

  1. Kei would love this. My favorite line in this post is “she tells me their backstory”. Kei does that in everything she does. Isn’t creative minds the best??? Off to see if there is an iPhone version.

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