Family reading roundup: All about animals

Since our last reading roundup, Ashar has focused most of her reading time on animals. All sorts of animals.

These have, by far, been her three favorites. We read parts of the National Geographic Book of Mammals almost every night – having worked through the topics of whales, elephants, porpoises, hamsters … and we intersperse that with things like the True or False books, just to mix it up.

The reading level in the true or false books is probably slightly young for Ashar, while the writing in the National Geographic book is probably just slightly more advanced than she’s used to. I figure that balances out? All of these are definitely some of our favorite animal-learning resources!

She’s also been reading about Ripley’s Believe It or Not! after we visited their “Odditorium” in Atlantic City, N.J. (more on that to come tomorrow).

The rest of our family has very little to offer in terms of reading this week. Chris said he’s been “in browsing mode,” but not invested in any particular book, and I finished a regency romance called “Beloved Avenger.” I know, you’re amazed by our literary prowess, are you not?

So what’s your family reading this week?

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4 thoughts on “Family reading roundup: All about animals

  1. Lauren has been really liking the 39 Clues series (a recent find), Jenna has about finished all of the American Diaries series books we can find, and we’re listening to The Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson series) on audio together. I just recently finished the Anne of Green Gables series, which I LOVED, and now I’m working on Harry Potter 🙂 David doesn’t read books…he’s more of a newspaper and magazine reader. We’re all over the place!

    • I keep thinking Sarah might like the 39 Clues series, but she’s NOT a big fiction fan, so I’m having a hard time talking her into it. I might try seeing if she’d want to listen to me reading it, or get the audiobook for some of our summer travels!

      My husband is the consummate “browser” – he’s always reading a magazine, a chapter from the middle of what he calls a browsing book, whatever. I think he’s read a “book” from start to finish maybe 5 times in the 7 years of our marriage!

      I on the other hand can read 2-3 a week!! The latest which I just picked back up today is called “Amish Grace” – it deals with the school shootings at the Lancaster County PA one-room Amish school in 2006, and it’s of particular interest to me because that’s less than a half-hour from our home and I was working at our local newspaper when it happened. Reading this book is amazing – but tear-jerking!

    • My girls and I are huge fiction readers, non-fiction is good too, but our true love is fiction 🙂 Unfortunately, my husband just doesn’t get it himself…although, maybe I shouldn’t say that…he does understand that we get into the stories, but he doesn’t himself.

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