Family Reading Roundup: World records, the Titanic and middle-school horror stories

Well, if you’ve been reading along since our last reading roundup, you would have to guess that some of Ashar’s top choices in the past week have been about the Titanic.

Here’s a look at what she’s been reading:


I have to highlight that Ashar is a HUGE Guinness Book fan, and randomly disappeared upstairs today for about an hour to read from this year’s.

She’s received an edition every Christmas for the past three years, and with her own money at her former school’s book fair, she bought the “Gamer’s Edition” of the book.

These are the perfect type of book for her – written engagingly, but also at a high level of comprehension; visually engaging; and able to be “browsed” without having to follow a plotline for hours.

Along with those, today she picked up her copies of Middle School, the Worst Years of My Life and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and read for a good while. She’s read them both – or had them read aloud to her – before, but still enjoys them, especially the sketched pictures. They both combine a comic book style with more of a standard novel, and that’s another thing that’s a good fit!

I’m reading a historical romance called “The Secret Diary” by Martha Kirkland, and Chris is reading The Pinball Effect by James Burke. May I point out that this roundup each week serves to remind me how lowbrow my reading material is compared with the rest of my family’s? (Case in point: Chris’s book has the subtitle “How Renaissance water gardens made the carburetor possible,” while mine has a picture of a guy in a cravat.)

So what are you and your family reading this week?

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