Random bits of learning and inspiration

We went to Ikea yesterday and, among a few other odds and ends, picked up a roll of drawing paper for Ashar, who likes to make Big Things.

We ran a length of it the size of our kitchen table, and she used it today to work with Chris on her “Laser Wars” comic strip, something she likes to draw and make up stories about occasionally.

The funny thing is, it wasn’t until AFTER she created the Laser Wars idea a few weeks ago that we found out about this, which is now Ashar’s favorite thing ever. (Mom and Dad like it pretty well, too.)

Meanwhile, she peeled the plastic wrapper off the paper and spent probably a half-hour playing with that, turning it into a hand puppet, a ghost, a vacuum and more. She really surprised me; one thing she turned it into was a cat brush, and she goes, “The hair sticks to the plastic because of static electricity!” Who knew that she knew that?

In other news today, Ashar made herself both breakfast AND lunch AND a snack (all microwavable or ready-to-eat stuff, but still!) and she did her own laundry. That’s a huge self-sufficiency win for us!

She’s also discovered a new online game, Howrse, thanks to an 11-year-old fellow blogger, aka The Girl Named Jack, daughter of Jessica of Bohemian Bowmans.

And she’s talked Chris and I into letting her buy a Nintendo 3DS system, using a combination of her birthday money and the proceeds from selling her old Gameboy Advance. Much like she did with the hamster, she’s worked out all the prices for the things she wants and made a good case for when and how she’ll use it, and we feel pretty confident she’ll be responsible about it, so tomorrow might be the day we go pick it up.

The funny thing is, we’re not really “video game people” very much – this might be the first time, EVER, that we’ll own what’s considered a current system – but Ashar really enjoys a few particular styles of games, and even more, she loves when she can play them against her friends, which I hear is one of the cool parts about the DS series.

Anyone have any game recommendations for us? She wants to get some kind of Mario Kart, and one of the Nintendogs games (have I mentioned she loves animals, both real and virtual?) and I’d love to see her pick up something mildly brain-stimulating. Does Tetris or Dr. Mario or anything like that even exist any more? That’s my sort of thing! So, suggestions are welcomed.

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One thought on “Random bits of learning and inspiration

  1. My daughter loves her DS, she’s had it for several years. She likes to play the littlest pet shop games just so she can play with the animals. She not a huge littlest pet shop fan otherwise. They might be a bit young for your daughter, I think they are a bit young for mine and she’s 10. She still enjoys them.

    Of course there is the lego games! We have several duplicate copies of them. We have them all on PS3 and Amber has several as DS games too. They vary some in the DS version, so it’s not a total duplication.

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