The ultimate guide to homeschooling with biographies

There is so much to be learned from knowing more about people than their two-sentence summary of accomplishments, and so many ways to get into the real experiences of those people. That’s what the Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling With Biographies explores.

Unschooling: Our August 2014 adventures

Here’s a look at what the Conciliottoman family has been doing, radical unschooling style, in August 2014: books, movies, a trip to Pittsburgh, an alpaca show, the 4-H Fair and more.

The power of words: Unschooling language arts

As part of an iHomeschool Network series in January 2014, we’re sharing how our radical unschooling family “teaches” – or, really, learns – language arts, math, science, history and fine arts. Today, find out how reading, writing, spelling, grammar and comprehension happen in our lives.