Unschooling: Our August 2017 adventures

Unschooling in August 2017 included Shakespeare, 4-H State Achievement Days, the 4-H Fair, learning about the Count de St. Germain and Charles the Mad, family learning journals, a dog show, theater auditions, a James Patterson sci-fi novel and more.

Unschooling: Our July 2017 adventures

Unschooling in July 2017 included Shakespeare, learning about Vikings from Uncharted 4, learning about the bones of the hand from a James Patterson crime novel, kayaking, Knoebel’s and more.

Learning music theory the unschooling way

A playing-by-ear approach based on real songs and not drill-and-kill practice is a great way for unschoolers to learn music performance and music theory. Garage Band Theory is helping us do just that!