Living-room yoga at midnight

What, your family doesn’t do yoga in the living room at midnight? Well, why not? 🙂 Here’s a look at how “strewing activity” turned into a fun night for our family.

Happy 13th birthday, Sarah!

Sarah’s 13th birthday is here! We’re so proud of the young woman she is and we’re thrilled to be spending so much more of our lives together homeschooling.

We’ve got a family business!

Our family has launched a new business venture. We’re renting space at a local antique mall to sell our used books and ephemera, and we’re working the business as a family!

The intangible things that God provides

As part of the Birds of the Air linkup, we share things God has provided for us like he provides for the sparrows. Lately, we’ve been gifted a lot of intangibles – and we love it.